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“My goal is to help you to align your body, move more efficiently and improve your lifestyle to optimize your health.”

Hey, I’m Joyce, a Rolfer, Pilates teacher, home chef, health educator and wellness coach. I help people to experience the benefits of improving their body alignment, to move more efficiently and to have a more balanced lifestyle in order to optimize their health.

I’m a passionate learner and an eternal life student. I’m always looking new ways to improve myself physically, mentally, spiritually and professionally. I feel blessed when I can share my knowledge and help others to be joyful having a more balanced lifestyle. Your optimal health is fundamental in achieving a happy and fulfilling life. A supportive immune system promotes a stable state of mind and physical wellness. You can live free from excessive tension and move efficiently and with easy at any stage of life.


I help other to discover a conscious path to healthy living because I've seen just how rewarding it can be. A healthy lifestyle is a journey that begins with knowledge. Knowing its benefits and effects of our choices makes it easy to set achievable goals and to to stay motivated.

Born and raised in Brazil with a standard diet that was heavy on animal proteins, dairy, sugar, and flour, I had so many allergies as a young child that my mother tells me the first words were: “NO DOCTOR!”, so often I had to see mine. I was consequently over-prescribed antibiotics that severely damaged my immune system and I have lived with the consequences of this my whole life including multiple intestinal issues, gastritis, sinusitis, rhinitis, moles, joint and chronic lower back pain, poor circulation, related injuries, and thyroid and uterine fibroid removal surgeries. I felt bloated all the time and often found myself in embarrassing situations as I dealt with serious intestinal gas, constant abdominal pain, and backaches. I also suffered from a shoulder injury that took me years to heal.


I first discovered Rolfing therapy as a way to help me deal with my body imbalances and later adopted Pilates as a main form of exercise to help me to get stronger without being hurt. Rolfing helped me to be more aligned and Pilates helped me to gain physical strength. The results I experienced were so life-changing that I decided to pursue the professional practice of both in order help others in achieving similar results.

Looking further in the area of nutrition, I soon found that I could completely heal myself  of the aches and pains I'd long-suffered once I detoxified my entire body, including my joints and my muscles, to be free of toxins that had accumulated over the years. I also addressed all the hidden allergies that contributed to my gas and bloating when I stopped eating the foods that were provoking these reactions. Cleaning up my body and  strengthening my immune system made it immediately clear to me how important and rewarding it is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

People live for years with discomfort that they think is "normal." We may not consider how bad we felt until we start to feel great! That’s exactly what happened to me. I know what a joy it is to be truly healthy and feel good all the time.


That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others to be more at ease in their own bodies, to move more efficiently and have a healthier lifestyle.


I look forward to supporting you in your journey to greater enjoyment of the things that matter to you as you achieve your optimum health and fitness goals.

Yours truly,



Providing you with access to complete wellness.

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