Start an e-commerce biz? See how I did it...

Hello from Toronto! I'm so excited to share with you the opportunity I had to start a new e-commerce business without having my own product to sell.

As someone who lives in Canada, I was looking for an opportunity to work online using technology in a way that could help me generate income and also help others. Now, I can make money while helping those who lost their jobs with the pandemic and help small and medium business to be part of the new era of the internet.

However, I have to confess that the possibility of starting an online business without having any product to sell, not being a tech-savvy nor a sales person, made it seems an impossible dream to me. Until... I realised I was missing something...

In fact, most of us have missed out on the wealth and opportunity that technology has provided us. While it may have improved certain aspects of our lives, most of us certainly have not financially benefit in a significant way.

Now, with the advent of The Blockchain it is becoming more and more decentralised and easier to understand.

I was lucky enough to discover the company called CrowdPoint Technologies (CP) through the most amazing doctor in USA, Dr. Buttar.

CrowdPoint Technologies is a Big Data Enabled and Blockchain supported Digital Ecosystem that is powered by identities. It's a new kind of digital marketplace to change the economic model.

CrowdPoint is an exciting concept for the average global citizen because it provides us incredible opportunity to participate in the next wave of technology called the blockchain.

With CrowdPoint I have gained freedom by empowering myself and those who I love to build an online presence that sits on top of the blockchain.

But what exactly that means to my business? It means CrowdPoint will give my business a Wall Street capability with Main Street practicality through the Blockchain technology.

As a small business owner, making part of The CrowdPoint Digital Ecosystem, I am eligible to sell and/or distribute approved products and services within the exchange I participate. Plus, it gives me 24/7 business support while powering me with Big Data & A.I. that will allow me to improve my performance while maintaining security and privacy for my customers.

Besides, having a small business, I do not have the means to conduct massive marketing campaigns to increase my online presence. That's exactly why being part of the CrowdPoint platform provides me with a big advantage... CrowdPoint will generate unlimited pre-qualified and verified LEADS from a bank of servers that will allow me to target my potential customers and sell faster. That's huge!!

CrowdPoint will allow me to perform faster and better than Wall Street by taking advantage of the Blockchain technology while using the power of the crowd to build the Network Effect.

You can also take advantage of it and join CrowdPoint. There are three ways you can participate: as a Distributor, as a Reseller and/or as a Technician. I became a CP Distributor to work worldwide and thrive.

As a distributor/reseller of something I believe in I am able to streamline the growth of my own business and products and obtain financial independence while empowering my friends and family around the world to participate in the next massive "Internet of things" (IoT) opportunity.

As a technician of the new technology called "Vigilant Robotic Artificial Intelligence" (VRAI) the work will be done via an App (like Uber) and you will have the flexibility to manage your own time and income. This technology is available only to those in the USA at the moment. That's why I'm looking for people in USA interested in making money without the need to invest nor open a business.

Here’s a link with five videos that you can learn more about Crowdpoint, find out what I'm doing from Toronto plus jump in, if you're ready to bring your business to the next level.

Please contact me to have more information about CrowdPoint and these exceptional opportunities.

With love,


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