Start an e-commerce biz? See how I did with Crowdpoint Technologies!

Hello! I'm so excited to share with you the opportunity I had to start an e-commerce biz.

My world was turned upside down with the pandemic. As a small business owner, I was profoundly affected. I had to adapt and work online if I wanted to make money. My question was: how can I start an online business, with no sales experience without having any product to sell? It seemed impossible!

Luckily I found out it is possible with CrowdPoint Technologies: a Blockchain-supported Digital Ecosystem and platform provider. Crowdpoint offer us the opportunity to be part of the next generation of e-commerce. Together with a crowd of 1000 like-minded people around the world, following Crowdpoint’s lead, we’re turning the world right-side up.

I become a MicroPreneur with Crowdpoint. I joined as a Distributor at the Advanced Medicine Exchange and the Information Technology Exchange. I have my online store. I make money online from anywhere in the world and I help my family and others in need. Crowdpoint is helping small and medium business to be part of the new era of the Internet, by taking advantage of the Blockchain technology while using the power of the crowd to build the Network Effect.

And you can have your online biz as well. There are three ways you can join CrowdPoint: as a Distributor, as a Reseller, and/or as a Technician.

As a distributor or as a reseller of a product you believe in, you can streamline the growth of your business and obtain financial independence while empowering others around the world. Being part of The CrowdPoint Digital Ecosystem as a Distributor or Reseller, you’re eligible to sell and/or distribute approved products and services within the exchange in which you participate. CrowdPoint will provide your business the marketing support it needs to thrive. Plus, the advantage of generating unlimited pre-qualified and verified LEADS allowing you to target potential customers. It also provides you with 24/7 business support, while powering you with Big Data & A.I. that will allow you to improve your performance while maintaining security and privacy for your customers.

When you or any customer buy a product or service from me, or from any of the exchanges, I will automatically onboard you on the blockchain. You'll authorize your decentralized digital ID, made for you by you. In this process, you will protect your most valuable asset: your identity!

As a Crowdpoint Technician, you will work with the technology called "Vigilant Robotic Artificial Intelligence" (VRAI) via an App and have the flexibility to manage your own time and income. It’s a great opportunity for university students and those who lost their jobs with the pandemic.

If you want to learn more about CrowdPoint opportunities click here or to check Advanced Medicine Exchange's healthy products click here.

Contact me and I'll guide you through the most exciting journey into the future!!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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