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Do you save raw opened onions? I don't... see why.

Have you ever heard half of an onion should not be saved or consumed the next day?

Yes?.... No?.... I heard it a while ago.

I was very surprised when my sister sent me a video talking about it. How come I didn't know this fact since I'm the one actively searching any thing related to health!!! Oh well... now I know!!

I'll share with you my opinion about it... but before I even start... I know you'll wonder...

Is it true? I cannot say it is true or not...

I did research about this subject and most of the information I found says "it is not true" because it is not based on science. That's true: there is no scientific studies proven it.

However, I've heard from a naturopathic doctor, who is an specialist in Ayurvedic Medicine that it is true!!

Who is right? Still don't know!!

The only thing I know is what I do regarding raw cut onions. I'll share with you and after that you can decide for yourself what you wish do with your halves raw onions.

First, for those who have never heard of it, this theory says raw opened onions should not be eaten the next day as they absorb bacterias and become toxic for humans to consume.

Instead of keeping it in your fridge and eating it the next day, you better place it in your room, as it will attract bacterias and therefore, will clean your ambience helping you by absorbing illness if any.

That said... Do I believe in this tale? Well... I have my doubts!!

I tend to believe in ancient traditions... that's why I don't disbelieve it either.

When I'm in doubt, I prefer to take the safest approach. If there is a controversy about a subject I prefer not take a risk. It makes me feel safe.

So... in this case... every time I open an onion, I eat/use/cook the whole onion. Easy peazy!!

Since I heard it, I stopped letting any pieces of raw onion hang on my fridge. Once I cut an onion, everything goes to whatever I'm eating or cooking.

If I have any left over, I go ahead and ferment it. Love fermented veggies!!

Red onions fermented is my absolute fave!! Crunchy, raw, full of enzymes!! So healthy!

I love onions. It's never too much for me!!

Besides, we all know onions have immense health benefits. It boosts immunity and prevents diseases. It's rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and sulfur compounds.

I say: let's eat more and save less!!

In any case, the more onions the better to boost immunity!!

What do you do in this case?

I'd love to know if you will save it in your fridge or eat it all ???

With love and lots of onions,



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