Should you say no to fruit juices and smoothies?

As tempting as fruit juices and fruit smoothies may be, we should try to limit our intake. Many people believe that fruit juices and smoothies are a healthy choice when, in fact, they are not.

When fruits are blended or juiced, the fibers and the sugars are separated from each other. In the process, the fiber properties are lost but the damaging effects of sugars remain. Fruits are loaded with fiber for good reason: to counterbalance the negative effects of elevated amounts of sugar.

Drinking fruit juice or smoothies has the same effect as injecting sugar into the bloodstream. It causes our blood sugar levels to rise quickly. It’s so damaging that regular consumption can increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Fruit smoothies not green smoothies! Note, when I speak of fruit juices and smoothies I a referring to blending or juicing ONLY FRUITS! I’m not talking about green smoothies or green juices. Blending and juicing are great ways to boost your intake of healthy veggies and leafy greens. Green smoothies and juices with a small amount of fruit - or none at all - should be enjoyed as often as possible.

Eat the fruit instead of blending or juicing it! It’s much healthier to eat fruit whole with its fiber intact, as nature created it. The only exceptions to this rule are lemons & limes and avocados, which can be a healthy addition to your green juices and smoothies.

Still need fruits in your juices and smoothies? If you do need fruits to sweeten your smoothies for taste, the healthiest choices are fruits with less sugar content. For example, you may try adding a single green apple or pear (or just a half) to your smoothie. Or add a handful of blueberries. Keep in mind that red fruits are your healthiest option.

Where to start? Start by choosing carefully which fruits to blend or juice. Then try to decrease the amount of fruit you regularly add to your smoothies. Finally, start replacing fruits with leafy greens. What an amazing healthy start!

So should we drink fruit juices or smoothies? Knowing they have the potential to be addictive, and lead to weight gain and illness, my answer is: No thanks!

What's yours?

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