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Fruit juices or veggies smoothies?

As tempting as a sweet fruit juice may be, we should think of it as a fruit candy.. Many people believe that fruit juices, and even fruit smoothies without any veggies, are super healthy when, in fact, it is not so much.

When fruits are blended or juiced, the fibers and the sugars are separated from each other. In the process, the fiber properties are lost while all of sugars remain. Fruits in nature are loaded with fiber for good reason: to counterbalance the negative effects of elevated amounts of sugar.

Drinking processed fruit juices has the same effect as injecting sugar into the bloodstream. It causes our blood sugar levels to rise quickly. It’s so damaging that regular consumption of it can contribute to the risk of developing diabetes.

When I speak of fruit juices and smoothies I am not talking about green smoothies or green juices. Blending and juicing veggies is a great way to boost your intake of healthy vegetables and leafy greens.

Green smoothies and juices with a small amount of fruit should be enjoyed as often as you desire.

Eat the fruit instead of drinking it! If you want fruits, it’s much healthier to "eat it" whole with its fiber intact, as nature created it. But if you want to have a smoothie and need fruits to sweeten it while boosting your immune system, choose fruits with less sugar content like apples, pears or a handful of blueberries.

Keep in mind that red fruits are your healthiest option and adding vegetables to your juices and smoothies will make wonders for your health.

I make juices and smoothies with all kinds of veggies, leafy greens, herbs, algaes, lemon, limes, avocados and red fruits. I love adding superfoods as well.

It's healthy and delicious!!

So... what do you prefer... fruit juices or veggies smoothies?



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