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Rolfing during pregnancy

Did you know that Rolfing is a gentle and relaxing style of therapy? Rolfing single sessions can be very beneficial for expectant moms and their babies. It is normal for daily activities to become more difficult and cause discomfort for mom as baby grows.

Among other benefits, Rolfing can help release shoulder and neck tension and improving circulation can make mom happier and the baby calmer.

By helping to with posture, Rolfing improves body alignment during pregnancy to make it easier for pregnant women to carry the extra weight of pregnancy. Better posture will affect movement, especially towards the end of pregnancy and many women find that it decreases back pain and may prevent it altogether.

Rolfing helps with everyday activities like walking, standing, sitting, lying down, and breathing. The feeling of being more at ease with your body will, of course, affect how the baby feels.

Rolfing sessions can be done every 3 to 5 weeks for expecting mothers. Your Rolfer will work with the body shifts to improve balance, ease and comfort.

What about the delivery?

Rolfing can be administered as a “delivery session” specifically done to speed up and ease labor. It should be done a week prior or in the days leading up to your due date. The purpose of this session is to open up and release the pelvic floor to make the delivery smoother and much less painful. Even for those planning to induce chemically, doing the delivery session eases up the process. I recommend Rolfing for any mom who would like to have a more comfortable pregnancy or is interested in speeding up and/or easing labor. There are so many benefits for both mom and baby.



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