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Rolfing® Structural Integration

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"Did 10 sessions of Rolfing with Joyce. I found it exceptionally beneficial and I highly recommend her. She has provided me better overall alignment, increased flexibility and movement in hip and shoulder joints, and improved posture and bearing.


I feel generally better and my wife tells me I look less haggard." 


Ronald A. Factor.

10-Series Overview
10-Series Overview

"Joyce Cruvinel is a skilled and experienced Rolfer who does really excellent work. 


My treatments with her are helping me make considerable improvement.  My structural alignment is noticeably better, even after a few sessions.

I have been looking for solutions to my physical challenges for a very long time, and I feel that the Rolfing is really helping me.


Joyce is also a very kind and caring person and she has always gone way out of her way to help me. 

 I am blessed to be receiving her help and I highly recommend her."


Doug R.

Doug beforeAfter2_edited.jpg

"After my recent Rolfing sessions I want to offer my recommendation for Joyce’s services.


Her blend of personableness and professionalism mixed with the depth of knowledge and understanding she has of different healing arts modes is impressive but is surpassed by her authenticity, her integrity and the obvious sincerity of her care for clients. After our session I was pain free (the old adage of Rolfing being painful is no longer true!) relaxed and rejuvenated all at once.


Her focus is always on what needs to be done to achieve client comfort and quality of improvement rather than some metric related to numbers on a clock or in a queue. SHE CARES!


She’s exceptionally good at what she does! I'm very grateful to have found her."


Wayne Copeland. Etobicoke, ON.

10-Series Overview

"During a session with my chiropractor, he mentioned I might want to try Rolfing. My search led me to Joyce and for that I will be forever eternally grateful.


For the required 10 sessions and under her expert hands, I have had my spine aligned and now walk with a posture I have never experienced in my 70 years! Her knowledge is endless, her healing hands work wonders and her eagerness to steer her patients towards a healthy lifestyle are testament to her professionalism.


I will continue to see her on a regular basis for ‘maintenance’. I highly recommend her."

Lillian Norma.

10-Series Overview
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