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Eating local foods

Do you know where the food you eat comes from?

If you care about your food, its nutritional value, the freshness and the flavour of it, it's better to know where it comes from.

Most of the foods available today come from far-away countries. It takes days being transported until it gets to your local supermarket.

Nevertheless, buy locally produced food is easier than we might think! We can find locally grown and harvested food in local grocery shops, farmers market or even in many supermarkets.

We can get more benefits from local food and a better return on our investment when we eat food produced locally.

Why? Because local food preserves more of its nutrient value, it’s fresher, seasonal and it taste better. At the same time we'll be helping the environment and our own community.

Local food is safer. The further the food source is and the greater the steps for the food to get to your table, the more chances it has to get contaminated. The potential for the food growing in distant locations to get contaminated increases with harvesting, washing, shipping and distributing.

Local food has more nutrients. Buying local food decreases the time between harvest and your table. The longer it takes from harvest to eating, the more the food will lose its nutrient value.

Food coming from far-away countries usually travels for days before getting to supermarkets. By the time you buy, store in your fridge and consume the food, many of the nutrients might be lost. That’s another reason why freshness matter.

Locally grown food is fresher. Local food spends much less time in transit. It's transported directly from the farm to your plate. That’s why local food is fresher, healthier and taste better. It’s also less likely to decrease its nutrient value.

Most small local farmers grow organic foods even if it’s not certified organic. You can better understand how the food you eat is being raised and harvested by just asking. Farmers are happy to let you know what they do. Many farmers also welcome visitors to their farms.

Locally grow food has more flavor. Local farmers pick their crops at their peak of ripeness. That’s not the case for food harvested and shipped around the world. Eating locally means also eating seasonally. The foods we eat in season are full of flavour.

Eating local food benefits the environment. It helps to decrease transportation which means less pollution. It helps to promote local farming and preserves green spaces and farmlands.

Buying food locally supports local farmers and the local economy. It helps farmers to stay in business and to create local jobs. It builds up communities.

I personally love visiting different markets and connect with vendors, farmers and food producers. I find it fun and full of life.

Let’s eat local food that is fresher, more nutritious, taste better and can at the same time help the community and the environment.

Enjoy it,


Check out those sites if you want to find farmers markets in Toronto:


The End of Food by Thomas F. Pawlick

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